donderdag 29 september 2011

OGhats 3day Sale

OGhats houdt weer een Snapback sale.
Vanaf morgen(vrijdag 30 sept) kan je binnenlopen
om honderden snapbacks te bemachtigen, met petten vanaf 10 euro!

Zorg dat je even langskomt , we zitten 2 deuren verder dan Woei
in de Hoogstraat 69a

Zie jullie guys dit weekend, tell your friends

zaterdag 24 september 2011

My sports Specialties are...

i choose every clean model over a pinstripe..

This one is nice though!!

OG Footwear

Best Known for snapback hats
but every once and a while i put some footwear on the webshop..

Had a size 13 and 11 in stock..
13 Sold already Don't miss out now

Worst Blogger Ever

I know i've been the worst blogger ever lately.

Please forgive me, OGhats is busy and going stronger then ever..

But being busy with the kids, my sport and OGhats, blogging sometimes has
a lower priority..

But i have alot of new stuff coming up!!

Still need to take some pictures, but i got you all!

There is also gonna be a OGhats sale downtown Rotterdam
the 30th of september and the 1s tnd 2nd of oktober .

Flyer will be posted very soon!

zaterdag 17 september 2011

Flip da Scripts

Sports Specialties Scripts Hats..

U know OGhats loving these hats to death!!

So good to have you around me(or on top of my head)

woensdag 14 september 2011

Sir-jo sneaker Market

Had A great time last saturday at Sir-jo Sneaker event!

Not the most crowded event i've been to,
but i had fun while getting paid!

Event was in my hometown Rotterdam and
some of my boys chilled with me the whole day..

Next to that we had free drinks and snacks..
up to the next event!

shoutout to Sir-jo

Is It The Shoes??

Definetly NOT the SHOES....

Back from the future

We all know this shoe is hella ugly,
doesn't look like the original shoe '' Marty Mcfly'' wore during the movie
and on top of that it does NOT have the power laces

A big bummer you'd say...

Hell NO, this shoe released earlier then expect
and is a must have for any collector/vintage head.

Okay 75000 USD is way too much..

But u can get em cheaper..
Sorry cheaper is not the good word here, i meant less...

U can get em for less..

I think i'll pass and just wait till 2015 when they WILL have the
power laces...

We'll Never Forget

We'll Never forget the people who passed away..

I also hope US will never forget this was a conspiracy..

vrijdag 9 september 2011

(Cincinatti) Red(S) Alert

Alot of you readers know i'm a big Griffey fan
and that i've got most of them Air Max griffey colourways..

But when i saw this picture of this girl wearing them cincinatti Reds
i got weak in the knees like SWV..

This girl got swagg, here in europe u will barely see somebody rock
some griffeys, so extra swagg when a girl rockin 'em

woensdag 7 september 2011

Sir-jo Sneaker Event

Seakermarket This saturday
at WMDC in coolhaven!

OGhats will also be there,
please let me know if u want me to bring a certain hat for you!


if you got 100 million on your bankaccount
you can afford to wear this..

Or maybe not, but i can't afford it to say something about it..

dinsdag 6 september 2011

For all ins and outs about sneakergame!

You should check it out to keep your sneakergame up to date..

Only things is that it's in dutch, so too bad for my US&UK readers..

maandag 5 september 2011

Represent the big sexy..

In the words of Cedric the entertainer..

With fat joe being Slim and shit,
it's now rick ross representing the big sexy LOL..

He got some nice kicks though, but he aint got nothing on Fat Joe..

One of my guys from Rotterdam has a blog about
Los Angeles!

You should check it out,
One of the greatest city's in the world, If not the greatest!

donderdag 1 september 2011

Snapback Sale @Rotterdam

Dit is dus morgen al, zorg dat je er bent en please tell ur friends
and family.

Er zullen ook vintage tees, beanies, locs en wat footwear liggen..

Hou twitter en facebook in de gaten, maar veel beter nog als je gewoon komt kijken!